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So Henna - Henna por 3g - Sweetener

7.990 Ft (6.291 Ft + ÁFA)
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Elérhetőség: Hamarosan kapható


Are you confused by the huge selection of henna colours and correct mixing ratios? Are too warm and orange Henna colours preventing YOU from offering the best service to your clients?

Our SO Henna brow henna pots come in 7 different shades inspired by the rich, brown undertones of every brow artist’s favourite drink … Coffee!

Get ahead of your competitors today and get the perfect shade of brown during every treatment with the SO Henna colour range!

SO HENNA gives long-lasting results that you and your clients will love. The natural ashy finish of the product means NO orange brows!

Each colour will give a perfect result when used individually OR colours can be mixed for a custom shade if desired!


Colours (from lightest to darkest):

  • #01 Flat White – (golden blonde on hairs, very light stain on the skin)
  • #02 Vanilla Latte (ashy dark blonde on hairs, light stain on the skin)
  • #03 Cold Brew Latte (light brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)
  • #04 Macchiato (medium brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)
  • #05 Caffe Mocha (dark brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)
  • #06 Hot Chocolate (dark brown on hairs, dark stain on the skin)
  • #07 Espresso (black on hairs, dark stain on the skin)
  • #08 Sweetener (can be mixed with any coffee colour to achieve a warmer, red undertone)

 Product Details:

  • Net weight 3g
  • Each box contains a leaflet and a spoon.
  • Contains Jojoba Oil AND Aloe Vera to help stimulate hair growth and nourish the brow hairs!

The perfect alternative for clients who are allergic to tint!


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